Dynarex Launches Ultrasound Gel for Medical Imaging Assistance

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Dynarex Ultrasound Gel

The Ultrasound Gel is electroconductive gel media to facilitate the ultrasonic pulsed echo imaging system.

Orangeburg, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Dynarex Corporation, a leading manufacturer of a broad range of medical products located in Orangeburg, NY, is pleased to introduce Ultrasound Gel. The Ultrasound Gel is electroconductive gel media to facilitate the ultrasonic pulsed echo imaging system. The product is acoustically correct for a broad range of frequencies. It is aqueous and will not stain your clothing. Dynarex offers the product in two sizes 8 oz. squeezable bottles and 1.3 gallon (5 liter) Jug. The 8 oz bottles can easily be refilled. The Ultrasound Gel comes in two colors – both blue and clear. Other product features include a non-greasy formula, bacteriostatic and non-irritating to the skin and it is fragrance free. The new Ultrasound Gel can be used with any equipment that requires an aqueous, conductive gel (for external use only). Other companion products such as the new Stethoscopes and DynaLube sterile lubricating jelly are also available; see the Dynarex website for complete details. Dynarex continues to lead the industry with quality medical disposable products servicing many different market segments around the world. Dynarex offers a large product portfolio of medical care products including: antiseptic products, incontinent care, diagnostics, urological and respiratory products, personal protection, gloves, wound care, emergency first aid, patient care products and more! Dynarex is committed to the highest quality medical products competitively priced in the industry. For more information on our Ultrasound Gel products or to find the nearest Dynarex/Tillotson distributor, please contact our corporate headquarters at 1-888-335-7500 or go to our website at

Contact Information: John Burns, Director of Marketing


10 Glenshaw Street

Orangeburg, NY 10962

P: 845-398-6632/ Email: j(dot)burns(at)dynarex(dot)com

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