Pennsylvania governor supports ultrasound bill

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there’s one important ingredient that hasn’t changed:
cost investments.

it seems like we just got finished talking about virginia’s ultrasound bill, but now lawmakers are considering a similar bill in pennsylvania. the woman’s right to know act would require any woman with seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and to listen to the fetal heartbeat.
pennsylvania governor

tom corbett
said tuesday that he supports the bill.

i wouldn’t change it. as long as it’s not obtrusive, but we’re still waiting to see.

obtrusive? i mean, making them watch — does that go too far in your mind?

i don’t know how you make anybody watch, okay? because you just have to
close your eyes
. but as long as it’s on the exterior, not interior.

pennsylvania governor
ed rendell
, is an msnbc
political analyst
. you just have to
close your eyes
, says the man who followed you into office, about this procedure, governor rendell. what are republicans thinking as it relates to women? it seems as though this is the latest in a string of things, whether purposefully or not, that are alienating the very people they need in a
general election
independent women

and i think it’s unfortunate. because
tom corbett
is a decent, honorable man, and he’s intelligent, and he governed as attorney general in a fairly fair, nonpartisan way. but i think he’s falling into the same trap that governor mcconnell did in — mcdonald did in virginia. first, you saw that the governor was very careful to say nonintrusive, and by that he meant, no vaginal probes. but it is very intrusive to force someone to listen to something or to look at something and to say, you can
close your eyes
, well, gosh, you shouldn’t be in a position where you have to do that, where you have to make that choice. it amazes me that conservatives, and governor corbett campaigned as a conservative, so, you know, in fairness to him, he’s not doing much different than what he said he would do. but it amazes me that conservatives who want governor out of everything, are willing to have government mandate procedures like this where a woman with has to hear and listen to a heartbeat and look at the sonogram. i think that in and of itself is emotionally intrusive. and they’re dead wrong. and they’re just catering to an extreme, and i think they’re catering to that extreme at their political detriment. because this is not where the american voters are and it’s surely not where american women are.

and, you know, governor rendell, to your point,
quinnipiac university
, based in my home state of connecticut, cheap plug, put out a poll today to your point. they asked about support of this legislation. 42% support, 48 oppose. more striking, a clear
gender gap
. you’ve got men support, 39, oppose 51. women, 45/45. does that — are you surprised by that?

well, i’m not sure people who answer these polls understand these bills. i’m not sure they understand the nuances. it depends a lot how the poll questions are asked. i don’t think any woman, regardless of how they feel about abortion itself, would want a woman to be subjected to that. it’s just — why should the government be doing that? gosh, that’s not the government’s responsibility. that’s not the government’s responsibility. it is intrusive. it’s not physically intrusive, governor corbett’s correct, but it’s emotionally intrusive in a big way.

former democratic governor
ed rendell


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