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      Millennium Diagnostic Imaging

      MDIS has been servicing Southern California since 1998. We are a highly-reputable, mobile ultrasound company with a track record for fast, professional, high-quality scanning, with impeccable report turnaround time, available anywhere in the Southern California area. We pride ourselves on being able to cover all facets of the field including screening, diagnostic, and research protocols.
      All MDIS sonographers are highly-qualified professionals with experience in the mobile field.

      We provide experienced professional sonographers with state of the art mobile ultrasound equipment. Our sonographers will travel to physicians’ offices, clinics, professional facilities, nursing homes, retirement communities or just about anywhere services are needed!
      As one of the leading mobile diagnostic imaging services we offer excellent patient care, flexible scheduling, and satisfaction with the convenience of scanning at the comfort of the patient’s bedside, wherever that may be.

      We strive to better serve patients, to improve their health care experience.

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