CHESAPEAKE, VA. (Catholic Online) – I read an article from a CBS affiliate in Miami Florida recently which moved me deeply.It told of the wonderful work of two surgeons who reached into the first home of little Leyna Gonzalez when she was only 17 weeks along. That first home was her mother Tammy’s womb. Tammy had been told that her little girl had a tumor on her mouth which, left alone, would grow and may lead to her death even before birth. If her little girl survived the birth she would need a tracheotomy to enable her to breathe and numerous surgeries thereafter.

      Tammy sought the help of Dr. Ruben Quintero to save her little girl. The Doctor, assisted by Dr. Eftichia Kontopoulos, used an endoscope guided by ultrasound to surgically remove the tumor when little Leyna was only 17 weeks along. Tammy was awake and on a local anesthetic during the successful procedure. On October 1, 2010, Leyna Mykaella Gonzalez was born on October 1, 2010 weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce with a little scar on her mouth. This surgery was recently featured in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. However, it reflects the increasing breakthroughs in operating on our youngest neighbors and using sonogram technology in life affirming ways.

      ‘Pictures speak louder than words’ goes the old adage. Most of us who are called “boomers”, and this writer is included among them, remember the first sonogram technology which opened up a window into the womb revealing the absolute wonder of new human life. Soon the technology advanced to 3D and now 4D. The beautiful films of our sons and daughters in that safe haven of love are routinely posted on You Tube and sent to family and friends. The photos from the first home of the whole human race have now become baby’s first photos. They are routinely sent out as gifts. 

      However, like many technologies, sonogram technologies can also be used for evil. Only the human person is capable of making moral choices. So, this same technology is used for strategic executions of our first neighbors in the womb in procured abortions. I have written concerning the evil of what are now euphemistically called “selective reductions” when people who do not want twins select one of them to be killed by such abortions. In an article entitled ‘Selective Reduction’ Abortions Increasing: Children Have Become Commodities’  and a follow up a year later entitled “Selective Reduction? Killing a Twin in the Womb and the Culture of Death” I wrote to expose this horrid practice. It also employs sonogram technology as it engages in feticide.

      Photos and film have become associated with human rights movements and become a catalyst for social change. So it must be with the truth about the child in the womb and their inalienable Right to Life. In the midst of the verbal engineering which has sought to convince people that such an evil as procured abortion can ever be a “right”, they expose the lie without the need for words. In the propaganda war which has convinced many that dismembering children in the womb – or killing them through chemical strikes – is some form of “health care” or a “right” they communicate the truth. They expose the evil of procured abortion. Sonogram technology is advancing the inevitable victory of the Pro-Life movement.

      Routinely, using sonogram technology, we reach inside the first home of the whole human race to assist our youngest neighbors by operating on them the way we do on all human persons in need. Sometimes they are even temporarily removed from their first bedroom and then Doctors place them back in what used to be the safest place on the earth, their mothers’ womb. Yet, we also reach into the womb with surgical instruments to dismember children? We all know it’s wrong. We prosecute people who, in the course of a criminal act kill a woman and her child for two murders. We all know what is going on. It is time for lie to be unmasked. It is time to call procured abortions what they are, feticide, the killing of a child in the womb.

      The tired old voices of those who seek to defend the horror of abortion are no longer being listened to by the young. More and more statistics affirm that they are increasingly Pro-Life. Young people have a low tolerance for hypocrisy. However, Abortion is still protected by the positive law in the United States. It is called a “right” even though every induced abortion is against the Natural Law which can be known by all through the exercise of reason and is morally binding on all. Abortion is an egregious violation of the true Right, the Right to Life. We also need to remember the women who were lied to about what really occurred in the abortion they had. These mothers continue to suffer and are also victims.

      These little boys and girls want to be our neighbors. A Nation which prides itself on the Rule of Law and claims to have a commitment to fundamental human rights should not kill them. It is always and everywhere wrong to kill an innocent neighbor. We now know what happens in every procured abortion and are without excuse. The shrill rhetoric of “choice” cannot hide the evil any longer. Medical science gives us clear graphic evidence that the child in the womb being killed by the abortionist is one of us, members of the human family. The 3D or 4D images of the baby boy or baby girl which new parents and grandparents cherish now show us their faces.

      We rejoice that little Leyna  Gonzalez is now a healthy and happy baby girl bearing witness to the wonderful life saving potential of Ultrasound technology. Yet, we must call attention to America’s Shame: Using Ultrasound Technology for Saving Babies and Killing Babies in the Womb.