I felt that way the first time around and avoided them. However, I was measuring big and in the third trimester my MW ordered one. Based on that, they changed my dates a whole month, moving my due date from June 25 to late May. They were wrong, but the result was that I had to have antenatal testing for 5 weeks (2 US a week to check fluid, all fine) while we waited for me to go into labor and then I got pressured into inducing (with acupuncture, but it was effective)… I had a 36 hour labor with horrendous trauma and tearing, and she was not a minute over due. I didn’t get my birth center birth I wanted, which was my goal when I consented to induction, otherwise they would have high-risked me to the hospital. 


      Not to mention that it cost thousands of dollars, I had to have dozens of late US that could have been prevented by having one in the first trimester, or maybe one in the second, or even both. AND we had to pay the birth center and the hospital when I transferred, costing more money!


      So, I am going to be doing the US that my practitioner recommends. There are other things I will do differently… I won’t go to a birth center or practice where I see several different midwives, because there was a lack of continuity of care. I think the MW that ordered the 3rd trimester US would have noticed I was measuring big after the first trimester, and then the dating would have been more accurate.


      I know this is a special circumstance and I will not likely opt for early US unless medically indicated… I will certainly not do “vanity US” or doppler at home…


      There’s my story!