SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Cephasonics, Inc., a technology-innovation leader focused on delivering mixed-signal semiconductors, modules and subsystems to the imaging and ultrasound markets, today announced that it has completed a management buyout of the Samplify Systems, Inc. ultrasound business and assets. The asset purchase agreement includes all ultrasound-related technology and intellectual property; IC, module and system products; and customer, distribution and partner relationships. Assuring seamless operational continuity, the entire expert marketing, sales and development team joins the new company.

      Richard Tobias, formerly vice president and general manager of ultrasound products at Samplify Systems, has been named chief executive officer of Cephasonics. According to Mr. Tobias, “Cephasonics is well-positioned to execute our focused ultrasound market-enablement strategy with our experienced, highly motivated team and leading-edge, proprietary technology and products.”  He said that ultrasound is the world’s fastest growing medical-imaging modality with a $5.5 billion end-equipment market growing at a greater than 20 percent CAGR. He added that Cephasonics technology will enable additional emerging uses of ultrasound.

      The Cephasonics team’s expertise is both deep and wide in ultrasound technologies and systems; semiconductors including analog and mixed signal; board design; software and technology marketing. The company inherits a well-respected brand that embodies innovation and ultrasound domain expertise. Cornerstones were the introductions of the ultrasound industry’s only merchant receive beamformer IC, and the industry’s only flexible, configurable, and extensible complete ultrasound front-end electronics sub-system used both as a development platform and in production. The key components of any ultrasound machine and the hardest to develop, these unique products give the company a significant first-mover advantage. Future innovation will continue to lower the power, size and cost of ultrasound.

      About Cephasonics

      Cephasonics, Inc. provides a complete range of technology, semiconductor and subsystem products that increase the performance, lower the power and accelerate time-to-market of ultrasound devices. Launched with a management buyout of Samplify Systems’ Ultrasound Business Unit and headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company’s technology and semiconductor products, including its AutoFocus™ beamforming technology and its SAM1600 family of ADCs, have won multiple industry awards for innovation. Additional information about Cephasonics can be found at www.cephasonics.com.

      AutoFocus is a trademark of Cephasonics.

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