SAN DIEGO, May 21, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
      Medical has added a 25 gage needle to its EchoTip(R)
      ProCore(TM) line of fine needle biopsy (FNB) histology needles, which are
      designed for use in a procedure known as endoscopic ultrasound, or EUS.
      The EchoTip ProCore is a single-use, disposable needle for FNB intended
      for sampling of submucosal lesions, mediastinal masses, lymph nodes and
      intraperitoneal masses.

      The new 25 gage biopsy needle enabled a single-pass diagnosis of 88
      percent (91 percent when including subsequent passes) in suspected
      tumors of the pancreas when pathologists examined both the histological
      and cytological yields obtained.(1) No complications were seen
      in any of the patients.

      The American
      Cancer Society estimates that 43,920 people in the United States
      will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012.(2) Because of
      its location deep inside the body and lack of symptoms, pancreatic
      cancer can be difficult to detect and diagnose in the early stages.(3)
      Endoscopic ultrasound is an established procedure for diagnosing GI
      cancers and determining the stage of their development.

      Most often, a very fine needle is used to gain samples from
      hard-to-reach areas such as the pancreas, but fine-needle aspiration
      (FNA) can have limited yield and sensitivity for certain kinds of tumors
      or in some anatomical locations. Using the 25 gage EchoTip ProCore
      needle may lead to an increase in diagnosis for pancreatic malignancies
      on the first pass because of its small size and a modified slow-pull
      technique for tissue acquisition.

      The ProCore line of needles is uniquely designed to obtain both
      cytological and histological samples from lesions in the
      gastrointestinal tract and has been used in the treatment of tens of
      thousands of patients. It builds on the advantages of the EchoTip
      Ultra line, and its use and functionality are almost identical to
      the EchoTip Ultra ultrasound needle. The core trap at the tip of the
      needle receives the tissue sample while the reverse bevel promotes the
      collection of core sample by shearing material from the target lesion
      during retrograde movement of the needle.

      “The 25 gage EchoTip ProCore has a unique advantage because physicians
      are able to obtain histological and cytological samples on a single-pass
      or limited-pass basis,” said Dr. Kenneth Chang, executive director, H.H.
      Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center at the University of
      California-Irvine. “Since the single-pass yield is so high with the 25
      gage ProCore, the needle streamlines the EUS procedure for physicians
      and may require fewer patients to return to their doctors for further

      “A full-line supplier of endoscopic devices, Cook has led the way in
      ultrasound technologies for more than 14 years,” said Barry Slowey,
      global business unit leader for Cook Medical’s Endoscopy division. “The
      25 gage EchoTip ProCore and our entire fine-needle-biopsy line have
      changed the landscape of EUS globally, providing clinicians with the
      latest innovations to improve patient care.”

      The 25 gage EchoTip ProCore needle is now available to physicians in
      most major markets globally.

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      Dr. Chang is a paid consultant for Cook Medical.

      (1) Iwashita T, Nakai Y, Samarasena JB, et al. High single-pass
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      biopsy needle for endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration
      and biopsy (EUS-FNAB) in pancreatic solid lesions. Poster presented at:
      Digestive Disease Week 2012; May 19-22, 2012; San Diego, CA. Poster

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      SOURCE: Cook Medical

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