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      NISKAYUNA, N.Y., Sept. 21 — General Electric issued the following news release:

      Similar to how independent developers create new applications and find new uses for smart phones, tablets and other intelligent devices, GE is looking to collaborate with a rapidly growing community of ultrasound researchers to research new applications using ultrasound devices and microbubbles that could lead to innovative new therapy and diagnostic solutions in health care.

      Microbubbles is an emerging area of research investigating microscopic bubbles that are injected into the body to perform contrast-enhanced imaging or deliver drug treatments such as gene therapy to specified targets. After being injected into the body, ultrasound is used as the mechanism to pop the bubbles at the desired destination. GE researchers have been working in this area for some time now. Recognizing the many promising research programs emerging in this space, GE believes it can work with researchers to help accelerate the development of new applications to improve the quality of care.

      Michael Idelchik, Vice President of Advanced Technology Programs at GE Global Research, said, “To spur innovation in health, traditional players must act in non-traditional ways, especially by working together in new ways to improve outcomes. Innovation doesn’t live within borders; it can’t be controlled and confined. We need to be more open in how we collaborate. In Ultrasound, we see dozens of promising applications under development by independent researchers. Through the Ultrasound Innovation Circle, we are seeking to connect with this community and collaborate with them to enhance development of these technologies.”

      Ultrasound Innovation Circle

      Under this new open collaboration platform, independent researchers will have access to GE technology and expertise to integrate, test and validate their ideas. This may involve:

      – Resources to accelerate the development of new research protocols;

      – GE scientific expertise in ultrasound tools to support evolving research programs; and

      – Access to GE technical resources, including collaboration with GE for equipment, data analysis and other tools to facilitate the research.

      Research partnerships with GE will be managed through Research Circle Technology, Inc. (RCT), which is part of GE’s Licensing business.

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