The FINANCIAL — Organizers of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have ensured
      that even the equine athletes receive excellent care.

      A purpose-built veterinary clinic in Greenwich has been kitted out with innovative equipment to treat horses from competing nations.

      The challenging cross-country phase at Greenwich Park for example, saw 15 riders fall during the Olympic eventing competition. While the injuries sustained in a cross country accident can be career ending, access to the very latest imaging technology can help vets facilitate a swift and accurate diagnosis and a more positive outcome.

      As the General Electric Company reported, the clinic is equipped with the GE Ultrasound machine – the GE LOGIQ e VET. This machine was commissioned to help meet the need for pre-set equipment supported by BCF Technology.

      Said Roy Tappin, General Manager, Ultrasound, GE Healthcare, UK Ireland: “GE Healthcare is proud to be providing some of our latest imaging technology to the London 2012 Equine Clinic and the Polyclinic as part of GE’s sponsorship of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. While we specialize in products for use in human medicine, the veterinary market is extremely important to us and we currently supply our equipment to many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals. Many of the UK’s top vets specify our machines because they produce high quality images which help them make a more confident diagnosis.”

      Professor Roger Smith, Professor of Equine Orthopaedics at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), is a frequent user of GE imaging equipment and one of the specialists working at the Equine Clinic during the Games.

      Speaking about the technology he commented: “The GE Healthcare diagnostic ultrasound equipment used at the Equine Clinic is essential for evaluating the tendon and ligament injuries to which competition horses are prone. The quality of the images it produces helps us decide on the best possible treatment for the horse, giving it the greatest chance of full recovery.”

      Gaynor Minshall of the Veterinary Services team at the London 2012 Olympic Games said: “There are a lot of reasons for us to have ultrasound imaging equipment here at the Equine Clinic. We use this primarily for musculoskeletal imaging and for assessing any trauma sustained during events such as cross-country, this helps in establishing a diagnosis enabling the best possible treatment.”