AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France, Jul 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
      SuperSonic Imagine, the innovative ultrasound imaging company, today
      announced that it has been selected by the Mid-Atlantic Group Network of
      Shared Services (MAGNET) to provide its Participating Healthcare
      Facilities with the most advanced ultrasound technology on the market.
      MAGNET was created to develop contracts on behalf of its Healthcare
      Facilities in the niche market of capital equipment to provide the best
      quality patient care at the best possible pricing.

      “We are extremely pleased to have this three year agreement in place
      with SuperSonic Imagine to offer the Aixplorer(R) MultiWave(TM) Ultrasound
      system to our Participating Healthcare Facilities,” said Steven R. Duke,
      Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for MAGNET. “SuperSonic
      Imagine has a strong reputation for being an ultrasound industry leader
      and innovator, that brings important, clinically focused imaging
      solutions to healthcare providers. Their revolutionary software-based
      ultrasound imaging system has a wide range of clinical applications
      which bring the greatest utility for MAGNET Participating Healthcare

      On the market since 2009, the Aixplorer MultiWave Ultrasound System’s
      clinical applications include Vascular, Breast and 3D Breast, Abdomen,
      Liver, Thyroid, Musculoskeletal, Gynecology, and Prostate. The system is
      in a class of its own with a software-based architecture that industry
      analysts believe has ushered in a new era in ultrasound imaging. No
      longer held back by hardware constraints, an ultra-fast software
      platform gives the Aixplorer the capability of visualizing fine detail
      never seen before. Aside from exceptional gray scale quality, the
      foundation of ultrasound imaging, Aixplorer offers true innovation not
      found on conventional systems. The first major breakthrough born of this
      ultra-rapid software is ShearWave(TM) Elastography, which reveals local,
      real-time true tissue stiffness in a reproducible, user-skill
      independent manner. This technology, clinically proven through a
      rigorous multi-center global study, uses the combination of shear waves
      and ultrasound waves to image tissue elasticity, a technique never
      before possible due to hardware limitations. The second major innovation
      made possible through its ultra-fast platform, is UltraFast(TM) Doppler, a
      mode that combines Color Flow Imaging with Pulsed Wave Doppler. Workflow
      and diagnostic confidence are significantly improved with blood flow
      data clips that render extremely quick color frame rates (up to 200Hz),
      high quality flow information without compromises and full spectral
      Doppler analysis with multiple sample volumes instantly.

      “MAGNET’s drive to provide the best quality for the best price has
      always been our goal as well at SuperSonic Imagine,” said CEO Jacques
      Souquet. “We are happy to be a part of the MAGNET network and to furnish
      their Participating Healthcare Facilities with ultrasound technology
      that provides extremely clear image quality with unprecedented
      innovation to address their clinical challenges.”

      About SuperSonic Imagine

      Founded in 2005 and based in Aix-en-Provence (France), SuperSonic
      Imagine is an innovative, international company specializing in
      ultrasound medical imaging. The company designs, develops and markets a
      revolutionary ultrasound system, Aixplorer(R), with a unique
      ultrasound imaging technology, called MultiWave(TM) Technology. This
      technology allows Aixplorer(R) to be the only ultrasound system
      that images two types of waves to better characterize tissue; an
      ultrasound wave to ensure impeccable image quality and a shear wave,
      ShearWave(TM) Elastography, to compute and display true tissue stiffness in
      real time by acquiring images nearly 200 times faster than conventional

      ShearWave(TM) Elastography and UltraFast(TM) Doppler made possible by
      Aixplorer’s software technology, allow physicians to visualize and
      analyze in real-time, thanks to a reliable, reproducible and extremely
      rapid process, the stiffness and vascularization of tissue in order to
      significantly improve the detection and characterization of numerous
      pathologies. The company has developed many clinical applications,
      including for the breast, thyroid, liver and prostate. In 2009,
      SuperSonic Imagine was granted 510(k) clearance by the Food and Drug
      Administration in the United States and CE mark in Europe for the
      marketing of Aixplorer(R). SuperSonic Imagine has an installed
      base of 383 Aixplorersin over 50 countries as of March 31,

      Distribution agreements have been signed with prestigious companies such
      as Hologic

      /quotes/zigman/73386/quotes/nls/holx HOLX

      for the breast market in the U.S.A. and Canon

      /quotes/zigman/192225/quotes/nls/caj CAJ

      for Japan.

      SuperSonic Imagine holds the exclusive right, title and interest to 28
      international patents and submissions in diagnostic imaging and therapy

      For more information about SuperSonic Imagine, please go to
      www.supersonicimagine.com .

      SOURCE: SuperSonic Imagine

              SuperSonic Imagine 
              Michele Debain, M.B.A. 
              Global Marketing Director 
              +33 442 99 24 32 
              Beacon Communications 
              Dan Conley, 312-593-8461 

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