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      The Medipattern Corporation (“Medipattern“) (TSX VENTURE:MKI), announced today that Visualize:Vascular™ was used to render 3D on 1,243 carotid artery exams during the quarter starting in July 2012 and ending in September 2012, a 63% increase over the prior quarter. Medipattern focuses on the development and commercialization of healthcare solutions that positively impact people’s lives through the prevention of disease and analysis of medical images and data. Visualize:Vascular™ is the fee-per-use solution for 3D rendering of carotid arteries. The company reports it is continuing to expand its customer base to 46 customers who have a combined total of 272 sites or mobile units.

      The company’s iaHealth Business Unit has been focusing its sales effort toward the mobile segment. Mobile ultrasound is an increasingly attractive alternative to in-house services. A vascular ultrasound service company provides skilled technologists and ultrasound equipment bundled as a service to physician offices, outpatient centers, specialty care centers and convalescent care facilities. Visualize:Vascular is now part of the product offering for several ultrasound service providers: AR Testing in New York, Mobile Diagnostics and Testing (MDT) in New Jersey, Prime Diagnostics in New York, and Rapid Access Medical in New York.

      “Mobile Service Providers are known as Independent Diagnostic Test Facilities (IDTF). To add a new procedure, such as 3D rendering, to our offering we have to receive state approval for all of the states in which we operate. We just received clearance from the State of New York in August,” commented Scott Sokul president of AR Testing. “The benefits of using 3D are very rewarding. Visualize‘s 3D results give us more help to better understand luminal integrity than conventional Doppler ultrasound. 3D gives you more detail than 2D – it is as simple as that.”

      “Medipattern is pleased that Visualize has been shown to make a positive impact for the patients in the practices which mobile ultrasound providers serve. Mobile ultrasound providers once approved can add significantly to our total volume of business, with customers ranging from 500 to 5,000 carotid scans per month,” commented Jeff Collins, CEO of Medipattern. “Our mobile customers are beginning to receive their approvals and should start to add into our total scan volume in the coming quarters and can make a significant impact on Medipattern’s volume. We welcome them to our customer family.”

      About the Medipattern Corporation:


      is an award-winning leader in the development and commercialization of healthcare solutions that positively impact people’s lives through the prevention of disease and analysis of medical images and data. Medipattern’s Knowledge-based Informatics (MKI) platform enables delivery of these streamlined solutions. Medipattern mHealth uses patented prevention technologies to engage, coach and monitor people in achieving their personalized goals. Medipattern iaHealth uses patented pattern recognition technology to analyze medical data to aid medical practitioners in the assessment of disease and critical anatomy. For more information, please visit the Company’s website: www.medipattern.com.

      Medipattern® and B-CAD® are registered trademarks of The Medipattern Corporation. Visualize:Vascular™ is a registered trademark of Medipattern and SMARTCOACH™ is a trademark of MYTRAK Health Systems and will be under temporary license to Medipattern while the company reviews branding.

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