SAN FRANCISCO, CA – At the annual meeting of the American Telemedicine Association being held April 29 to May 1 in San Jose, California, Medweb is showcasing the Medweb/HP Telemedicine Clinic-a solution that can be implemented anywhere regardless of harsh terrain. Powered by solar and ad-hoc microcell networks, HP servers and monitors will process and track patient data entered by clinicians using rugged tables, mobile devices and laptops. Attendees can explore the Telemedicine Clinic in booth 1734.

      Mobile applications highlight the latest in complete medical imaging access and provider mobility. Patient data will be transmitted in “real-time” to healthcare professionals at referral sites using Medweb’s powerful, globally-recognized web-based PACS/RIS and Telemedicine solution and Collabworx real-time streaming solution.

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      Once inside the clinic, visitors can follow the workflow with next-generation data capture technology-from the patient intake through to diagnosis. Patient vital signs are recorded at various points in the workflow, and application-specific medical camera systems are used to gather patient information in the form of still image, video and audio. Mobile applications via Bluetooth, iPhone and iPad highlight the latest in complete medical image access and provider mobility. The patient can see and speak to physicians via a video conference unit which provides face-to-face interaction.

      “Medweb is excited to showcase the possibilities of a modern Telemedicine Clinic to bring healthcare to those in need,” says Pete Killcommons, President and CEO of Medweb. “We’ll demonstrate the ability to create a workable clinic within hours of a natural disaster or military installation. Along with our infrastructure and Telemedicine peripheral partners, the Medweb/HP Telemedicine Clinic will provide a highly interactive and educational experience for all attendees.”

      Reporting services and various diagnostic delivery solutions will be on display to from a myriad of modalities and the final workflow on display is indicative of best practices in the implementation and execution of a Telemedicine Clinic. The clinic will also address the special needs of rural midwives via an assortment of aids, showcase the ability to process images harnessing a car-mounted solar panel, and demonstrate patient security and privacy for regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA, using the highest forms of encryption.

      About Medweb
      Medweb has been setting the standard for telemedicine for over 20 years with the most innovative, easy to use solutions for a variety of government, healthcare and educational institutions. Medweb provides a scalable, patented web-based platform, fully customizable to meet the needs of clinical specialists and administrators. The company’s core products and solutions include distributed RIS/PACS, teleradiology, general telemedicine and specialty applications for teledermatology, teleophthalmology and stroke evaluation. For more information, visit www.medweb.com.

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