A mobile medical complex has arrived in the village of Munaishy in the Mangistau region from Aktau as part of the «Health Road» Republican Campaign. The mobile clinic is equipped with modern equipment. In addition, experienced specialists from regional hospitals also came to the village. The mobile medical team has ultrasound specialist, TB doctor, cardiologist, gynecologist, pediatrician and other specialists.

      Muratbai Zhaksygatov, Munaishy Villager
      «It is organized on the spot and it is very important. For instance, I have visited a cardiologist here. It is comfortable and nearby my house. You don’t have to go anywhere, especially now that the weather is so hot.»

      To date, the Mangistau region has three mobile medical complexes. One of the regional centres and two are in districts. Over two hundred people underwent medical examination in the village Munaishy alone.

      Amangul Dzhaiylkhanova, Director, Mangistau Regional Centre of Healthy Lifestyle Formation
      «Mobile medical complexes are equipped with all the latest medical equipment. The next destination is the Mangistau and Tupkaragan districts and the most remote one, the Beineu district.»

      Since the Health Road campaign began its medical doctors have already visited 24 populated areas.