Pregnant Tamera Mowry and Tia MowryTamera Mowry

      Tamera Mowry is a fun auntie to her twin sister Tia Mowry’s son, Cree, however the Tia Tamera star is currently pregnant with her first child and ready to experience motherhood for herself.

      “Can’t wait to see my son today! I count down to ultrasound visits!” tweeted Mowry, who is expecting a boy with husband, Fox News correspondent, Adam Housley.

      She later wrote, “Saw my beautiful son’s ultrasound today. I melted. I’m so in love already.”

      Most pregnant women will get a first trimester ultrasound when they are six to nine weeks pregnant, and then a 20-week ultrasound in which many parents find out the sex of the baby at this time. Depending on their specific situation, some pregnant women will get more or less ultrasounds. Mowry is due with her baby boy in early November.

      It sounds like Mowry is enjoying being pregnant; however she tweeted about the one food she can’t wait to eat after her baby is born: “I miss being able to eat sushi.”

      Emily Maynard

      Rumors are swirling that The Bachelorette star, Emily Maynard, cheated on fiancé Jeff Holm by sending sexy text messages and photos to another man, according to Us Weekly. In fact, they have quoted Holm’s own brother confirming the fight! I decided to check out the Twitter feeds for any clues.

      “The happiest I’ve ever been in my life with my two favorite people in the world. I love you to the moon,” wrote Maynard on August 20, with a link to a photo of her and Jeff with her daughter, Ricki.

      Well, he doesn’t appear to be mad at her in that photo!

      She also wrote, “How @jefholm and I resolve our disagreements,” with a photo of him smiling and holding a boxing glove.

      Jumping over to his Twitter feed, we get a few more details. “It’s crazy what people will do, even family members, to see their name in a magazine,” he wrote on Thursday. Meow!

      “First day of first grade was a success. Met the Hendricks, nicest people ever,” he wrote that same day, with a photo of him and Emily with a smiling Ricki.

      Perhaps the rumors aren’t true after all?

      Tori Spelling

      “Here’s my picTORIal from my fabulous pregger pool party!” tweeted Tori Spelling, with a link to her website with photos and descriptions.

      “With my fourth pregnancy nearing an end, the summer days fading away, and the hubby gone for the day at the racetrack, I decided to have a “gay” ol’ time, last hoorah, pregger pool party,” she wrote. ”I invited all of the most important men in my life (aside from my hubby and son of course!) over for the day on Sunday. And yes, all those fabulous men happen to be gay.”

      Kate Gosselin

      Kate Gosseliln

      Single mom of eight Kate Gosselin tweeted about the first day of school fun — and mixed emotions that many moms can relate to.

      “As I closed bedroom doors after tucking in, I called out ‘goodnight, second graders!’ and resisted the urge to cry..I just can’t believe it!” she tweeted.

      How did the first day of school go? “Stopping in to let u know our 1st BTS morning went wonderfully!” she wrote. “8 happy kids smiling for our traditional porch photo! Back2bed4me now (shh)!”

      I get tired just thinking about getting eight kids ready for school.

      “For pics of First Day of School, Gosselin style, go to: https://www.kateplusmy8.com/,” she wrote. “No episode of ‘Kate Plus 8’ this year but porch pics for sure!” she wrote.

      It sounds like Gosselin wishes she still had her own show. Would you watch another reality show with Gosselin and her kids?

      Molly Sims

      “Talk about one loved baby!! Here are my 5 favorite baby gifts we received for Brooks,” tweeted new mom Molly Sims, with a link to her website.

      On her list? The WubbaNub (a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal), lots of cute baby shoes (including a pricey pair of baby Hermes), Serena Lily elephant side table and a This Is book set.

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