Nokia and the X Prize Foundation are teaming up the promote the development of healthcare sensors with the ultimate carrot: a $2.25 million prize. It’s called the Nokia Sensing X Challenge, and while the focus is on sensors for monitoring health conditions, these aren’t the gigantic (and expensive) pieces of equipment you’re used to seeing in hospitals. The competition is meant to promote the development of mobile healthcare — a field that promises to bring affordable healthcare to developing nations. In addition, the hope is that the portable and easy-to-use solutions will allow consumers to monitor their own conditions and even pass along results to doctors in real-time with a more preventative mindset — you know, to catch something before it becomes a problem. The challenge has some specific goals: it’s not just looking for a mobile ultrasound, for instance, it wants cloud-connected mobile healthcare systems that are inexpensive and, possibly, have the ability to use algorithms to infer conditions like depression. That’s certainly an optimistic goal, and if $2.25 million isn’t enough, there’s an opportunity to cross-apply submissions with Qualcomm’s $10 million Tricorder X Prize, which is looking to bring us as close to the future imagined by Star Trek as possible.