PhotOBaby.TV Simplifies the Transfer of Ultrasound Data and Adds Practical Human Value with Personalization, Ease of Sharing and Viewing by way of PC or Mobile Devices — Social Network posts of a tastefully produced ultrasound presentation worthy of sharing are now but a click of the mouse.

      Palo Alto, CA, June 02, 2012 –(PR.com)– PhotOBaby® (www.PhotOBaby.TV) has now launched the world’s first web-based service that allows parents to both customize and share their baby’s prenatal images and video taken from ultrasound data collected in a clinical setting as part of a regular physician ordered scan. PhotOBaby offers the ability to personalize the images and videos taken during a normally scheduled prenatal check-up with a choice of content including baby’s name and sex, date of the ultrasound, border art, and music. By utilizing images and video captured during the medically-necessary ultrasound, PhotOBaby helps to ensure that the prenatal imaging is being conducted in a safe, medical environment by a licensed professional while also providing the patient with a greatly improved and modernized ability to share the experience. (Note to Editors: Please see accompanying image.)

      By personalizing the ultrasound and simplifying the sharing, PhotOBaby seeks to enhance early “family bonding”—the close emotional tie between parents, siblings, extended family and friends and the new baby and one of many keys to good newborn health. Until recently, families and friends were only able to get to know the newest family member before birth by looking at an ultrasound snapshot, raw data burned to DVD, or living vicariously through the expectant mother’s verbally shared experience. Now, PhotOBaby allows parents to easily share the ultrasound bonding experience with spouses/partners, siblings, family and friends by way of email, social network sites, and even by SMS text on mobile devices. Pre-formatting the content enables users to humanize their baby’s first images beyond the basic medical data before sharing it and ensures proper function and representation by way of today’s preferred information technologies whether PC or mobile.

      PhotoBaby answers the call for an easier way to share ultrasounds with a human value-added service for the parents and powerful promotional capabilities and work flow improvements for the Doctor or Practice.

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