PICC Excellence, a medical and nursing education company, created the CPUI credential in part so patients can verify that an individual clinician is trained and qualified to insert a central venous catheter. The credential verifies training consistent with national recommendations from Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) strategies for improving patient outcomes.

      “By studying for the CPUI exam, I was able to become a more skilled and confident vascular-access expert,” said Leianne Jinkins, RN, BSN, CPUI, Lead Vascular Nurse VAIN Team, Medical University of South Carolina.”Holding this certification for our team lets our colleagues and patients know that we are experts in our field. It’s a process I recommend for anyone in vascular access who places PICC lines.”

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      This program, which expands the trainings offered by PICC Excellence, is the first credentialing program of its kind for medical professionals performing PICC placement.

      “Up until now, qualifications to place PICCs have been loosely defined, including completion of an unspecified educational program followed by unconfirmed supervised insertions,” said Nancy Moureau, founder and CEO of PICC Excellence. “Our initiative is aimed at defining the knowledge necessary for this specialty practice and providing the verification to ensure patient safety with these procedures.”

      With infection as the most serious concern associated with central venous catheters, becoming a Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter establishes the clinician as one who is knowledgeable of infection prevention principles and able to function with patient safety in mind.

      The CPUI program is a process that certifies clinical qualification to insert PICCs. The qualifying material verifies the participating clinician’s initial education, supervised practice and insertion experience.

      “I feel the CPUI certification shows my dedication to this profession, says Donna DeGennaro, RN, MSN, CRNI, the Vascular Access Coordinator at Flagler Hospital, in St. Augustine, Fla. “This certification was not a requirement, but I chose to get certified because I believe it identifies me as a professional who is compassionate and competent, with the commitment to giving my patients the best patient care available”.

      Moureau noted that the mission of PICC Excellence is to share knowledge and elevate vascular access to a higher level of success and safety for nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physicians’ assistants and radiological technicians. The certification program validates clinicians’ qualifications to perform ultrasound-guided PICC placement, a highly valued procedure, but one that is also very invasive and potentially life-threatening.

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