Technology is making machines smaller and smaller, and we’re seeing that in hospitals. Doctors are now using portable ultrasound machines that make patient care quicker and better.

      After an injury, Tracey Powell of Fargo expected to be out of the hospital quickly. But she wasn’t healing correctly, and doctors ordered a ultrasound.

      “I thought I would have to be wheeled off and go through a bunch of stuff, but he just pulled it right out of his pocket,” says Tracey.

      Instead, doctors used a portable ultrasound machine that was brought right to Tracey’s bedside. It found a problem, which lead to surgery.

      Dr. Neville Alberto at Sanford says, “I need it with me and I need it on almost every patient I see.”

      Dr. Alberto trains resident doctors at Sanford to use this type of technology. It works just like a regular ultrasound, just with a smaller picture. Dr. Alberto says it can help make patient care quicker.

      “You can repeat it many times and I think it does a whole lot of good,” says Dr. Alberto.

      Normal ultrasound machines are about the size of a washing machine. This one is close to the size of a smartphone.

      Dr. Alberto says, “I think it’s made my life easier, I think it’s made the patients life and cost better.” He adds that cost can go down because it can prevent a lot of unnecessary testing and hospital time.

      And when you’re in pain and don’t want to move…

      Tracey says”It is nice, especially if you’re incapable of getting up and walking. It was a nice change that I wasn’t going to have to switch and get into a wheel chair.”

      Helping you feel more comfortable and get better.

      Right now, Sanford in Fargo has seven portable ultrasound units. They hope to expand that number in a few years and use these machines in rural areas where normal ultrasound machines only come a few times a week.