Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

      According to a study published in the November 2012 American Journal of Roentgenology (https://www.ajronline.org), ultrasound beats mammography as the best imaging option for initial evaluation of breast cancer in symptomatic women ages 30 to 39.

      The study found that among women ages 30 to 39 with symptoms of possible breast cancer, ultrasound is a superior diagnostic tool with a higher sensitivity for cancer detection than mammography. A supporting analysis conducted by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) revealed that ultrasounds have a 95.7 percent sensitivity rate in detecting malignant tumor cells while mammograms have only 60.9 percent sensitive.

      This is great news for women of course, because a higher sensitivity to detection could possibly mean an earlier detection of cancer, which can save their life. Ultrasound imaging is also better for women because it does not involve harmful radiation exposure like mammographs.

      Women’s healthcare practitioners are also excited about the findings because of the advances in mobile ultrasound technology. Physicians can now use cheaper mobile ultrasound imaging devices to screen their patients in their office. The breast ultrasounds can then be uploaded and stored online along with the patients records, helping save time on administrative work, and save money on printing x-ray images.

      The web based ultrasound imaging provider, Studycast® ( https://www.corestudycast.com ), is proud to announce that their software includes online worksheets for breast ultrasound specifically designed for this purpose.

      The Studycast SmartWorksheet for breast ultrasound allows the interpreting physician to efficiently build a report that documents the findings of the procedure. The sizes of masses as cysts, as captured in the ultrasound exam are transferred to the Studycast SmartWorksheet, along with comments from the sonographer – eliminating the need for handwritten worksheets. Using observation tools within Studycast, the radiologist can efficiently note other relevant information and route the report back to the referring physician. This decreases turnaround time and provides the patient with faster results.

      About Studycast® Mobile Ultrasound Imaging for Women’s Health

      Studycast® is the leader in mobile ultrasound imaging solutions. Studycast uses the cloud for data storage. It allows women’s health physicians access to ultrasound images and reports securely online 24/7 from virtually anywhere, on any device with internet access (even an iPad).

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