The end of the livestock portion of the Morgan County Fair was marked by the lamb, goat, and swine ultrasound contests along with the beef carcass contest. This year was the 8th year for the goat carcass contest, 13th for the lamb and swine contests and 11th for the beef contest.

      These events were made possible with the cooperation of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) meat graders, Cargill Meat Solutions, the Morgan County Fair Board, the Morgan County Extension Office, and Colorado State University Animal Sciences.

      Tim Gibbs, USDA Meat Grader, presented a program on beef grading for 250 youth, parents, leaders and sponsors. Marlin Eisenach, Extension Livestock Agent, visited with the group on evaluating lamb, goat and

      swine carcasses.

      Champion lamb ultrasound winner was Jordan Kreegar and Reserve Champion Alex Martinez-Vickers. Kreegar received $60 from TGS Welding, a belt buckle from Bruce Bass and family and a jacket from Kelly and Carisa Carmin. Vickers received $40 from TGS Welding, a belt buckle from Wade and Lisa Megel and a jacket from Dale and Val Loose. Bonnie Brown, Executive Director of the Colorado Wool Growers, sponsored notebooks for the top lamb carcasses.

      Champion swine ultrasound winner was Tasha Hansen and Reserve Champion Tanna Hansen. Tasha, received $60 from TGS Welding, a belt buckle sponsored by Kent Pflager of MKT Commodities and a jacket sponsored by Keith Amy Walker and Kasi Stocker. Tanna received $40 from TGS Welding, a belt buckle from Jerry and Monica Wolfswinkle and a jacket from Ty and Ernie Maag of Your Choice Meats. Bill Hammerich and Rachel Mitchell of the Colorado Pork Producers Council presented the top individual’s carcasses with jackets and caps. The Champion goat carcass went to Courtney Griffith and Reserve Champion honors Amy Pollart. Griffith received $60 from TGS Welding, and a belt buckle along with a jacket from David and Stacie Ritchey. Pollart, received $40 from TGS Welding, a belt buckle

      from the Derrick zmc Renee Veeman and a jacket from Doug and Lesley Linton. Colorado Livestock Association sponsored gift cards and caps to the individuals with the top goat carcasses.

      The Champion beef carcass was exhibited by Jarod Wacker. He received two $250 cash awards sponsored by Superior Livestock — Tom and Amber Odle and Pinneo Feedlot — Joel Chism. Wacker was also awarded a belt buckle from Stagecoach Meats, a jacket sponsored by Brush Livestock of Colorado — Larry Blake and a coat sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions — Mike Lawrence, Cooler Superintendent.

      The Reserve Champion beef carcass was owned by Tyler Chalk. He received a $250 cash award and a jacket sponsored by Alec and Christie Creighton, KSIR Radio. Chalk received a jacket sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions — Mike Lawrence and a belt buckle sponsored by Ted Wright.

      The Champion Catch-It Calf carcass was owned by Mitch Tormohlen. He received a jacket sponsored by Alan and Jody Meyer. He also received $100 from Your Choice Meats — Ty and Ernie Maag.

      Jacob Gerken had the third best beef carcass and received $100 and a jacket from Tim and Becky Gibbs. Gerken also received a coat from Cargill Meat Solutions — Mike Lawrence. Colorado Beef Council — Julie Moore sponsored T-Shirts and note pads for the top beef carcasses.

      There were 28 carcasses qualifying for a Branded Beef Program:

      In the Certified Angus Division; Amanda Carmin, Tyler Chalk, Cody Gerken, Amanda Sears and Wyatt Wolfswinkel. These individuals received aprons and caps from the Certified Angus Beef Program– Paul Dykstra.

      In the Sterling Silver Division; Courtney Bass, Jacob Gerken and Jarod Wacker. Cargill Meat Solutions — Mike Lawrence presented caps to these award winners.

      In the Angus Pride division; Justin Bass, Logan Collier, Reid Ernst, Jamie Kosman, Carlos Montes, Carli Nichols, Luke Seewald, Charlee Teague and Zane Wolfswinkel. Caps were presented to these participants by Mike Lawrence representing Cargill Meat Solutions.

      In the Safeway Rancher’s Reserve division; Austin Chalk, Cole Collier, Quinton Draegert, Ryan Ernst, Kelly Griffith, Megan Griffith, Wyatt Holdren, Aaron Nichols, Colton Roark, Kaeleigh Shearer and Mitch Tormohlen. Caps were awarded to these individuals from Cargill Meat Solutions -Mike Lawrence,

      Herdsman winners received $25 cash awards sponsored by TGS Welding, Tom Sears and family: Rabbit; Tessa Frasco, Poultry; Kamille Sweenie, Goat; Cohen Dixon, Swine; Jessica Veeman, Sheep; Brooke Rule, Beef; Quinton Draegert, Dairy; Shiloh Megel, Horse; Trey Wright. Valley View Ag 4-H Club was recognized as the outstanding Herdsman Club and received $10 from Simplot Solutions.

      The Colorado Dairy Youth Award recipients were Jessica Veeman, receiving $50, and Zachary Griffith receiving $25. These awards went to the highest placing Registered Dairy Cows that were exhibited at this year Morgan County Fair.

      Bill Hammerich, representing The Colorado Pork Producers Council ,awarded $60 to Bryce Kendrick, exhibiting the Grand Champion Market Hog and $40 to Hailey Brunner showing the Reserve Grand Champion in the live show at the Morgan County Fair.

      Officials thanked Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, General Manager of Cargill Meat Solutions for allowing them to have the Beef Carcass Contest. Assisting with the contest was USDA Meat Grader Tim Gibbs along with Mike Lawrence, Cargill Meat Solutions Cooler Superintendant. Also, David Ritchey and Tim Gibbs acquired awards for the carcass contest.