Are they saying baby’s ureters are dialated (how much)?  If so, it’s called Hydronephrosis.  My 3rd baby had this and we checked again at 30ish weeks (it was still present).  I was sent to a Peri and a pediatric Nephrologist.  The Peri did an in depth sono and sent it to the Ped. Nephrologist.  When we met with the Nephrologist, here is what he had to say.  He was amazing, VERY evidence based.  He said of babies with this condition, only something like 20% will still have it at birth.  Of that 20% only 15% of those will still have it at 6 weeks of age.  Of those who still have it, only X% (dont remember) will have any issues with it (UTI’s, etc).  And guess what.  We treat UTI’s with antibiotics.  He said if we were in any other country in the world, it would be a non-issue all together.  He said if we needed reassurance, to bring baby in at 6 weeks for a sono of his kidneys/ureters.  He said to NOT let them sono the baby at birth, because they need time to resolve the issue on their own, and frequently do.  He said it wouldnt do any good to have the sono done at birth. 

      Our son was born and has never had any issues, UTI’s, etc.  We never felt the need to go back. 


      Hope that helps.