We have all had “that moment” when you first look at a medical bill, but one Amherst business owner says that he has an alternative with his services.

      Scott Bryson of Amherst is the owner of Krislan Ultrasonix, which offers reasonably-priced mobile and professional ultrasound services. He purchased the company more than three years ago and opened up a location in Concord last year.

      Krislan has been in business for about 22 years, but Bryson said that increases in health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-insurance percentages inspired him to open an ultrasound imaging center in Concord.

      He focuses on the patients with high deductibles or those without insurance, and offers fees 60-70 percent lower than hospital/hospital owned imaging facilities.

      Bryson said that most people have no idea that they can shop around for health services,
      and that many more options are being developed in response to high cost health care. An overwhelming amount of primary care physicians in New Hampshire are owned by hospitals, which tends to result in all imaging being automatically scheduled at that hospital.

      “People have to know that they can make choices and make more educated decisions on their health care,” he said. “A lot of doctors don’t know of the alternatives, but we need them or the system will implode.”

      He said that the medical field has no idea where health care reform will lead, and many people do not understand how their health insurance works or ask the right questions. Many of his patients are happy to find a cheaper service that has the same quality as their pricier options.

      Bryson said that Krisland has a set price for all of his services, but offers discounts from there. He added that part of the reason he can offer his services at a lower price is the low overhead costs for his mobile and office services.

      “It is hard to learn the prices for services, but I’m going to tell you upfront how much it is going to cost.”

      He has felt the pressure of health care expenses with his own family as costs continue to rise. This further convinces him that there needs to be more competition in the marketplace.

      This business owner is continuing to work on educating the population on the alternatives in health care that offer the same quality service with less frightening prices.

      For more information, visit the Krislan Ultrasonix website.