The Ford Motor Company Fund offered free breast imaging service to more than 2,300 Northwest women, many of whom did not have medical insurance and do not receive annual mammograms.

      For the past six months, the Ford Women’s Health Initiative Mobile Breast Imaging Tour traveled throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho, providing free 3D ultrasound testing to women in cities such as Auburn.

      The safe, comfortable procedure provides consistent, accurate 3D images, regardless of breast density or implants. Tour organizers worked with local health and community organizations to offer the service to women in need.

      “Because of the screening, I went to an appointment and found out I had breast cancer,” said a participant screened in December in Bend, Ore., who prefers to be anonymous. “I am now in chemotherapy treatment. The screening was indicative and was what made me get a follow-up appointment. Luckily, the cancer was caught at a curable stage.”

      In a survey, participants revealed the following information:

      • 48 percent did not have medical insurance

      • 66 percent did not receive annual mammograms

      • 97 percent regarded the breast cancer testing events as “very important”

      • 97 percent reported their experience at the events to be “very positive”

      “We’re very pleased Ford Fund provided this service to our Northwest community,” said Michael Doherty, chairman of the Northwest Ford Stores group. “Some of our local Ford members have been personally affected by breast cancer, so this effort was important to us.”

      Ford Motor Company Fund teamed up with Hope Now International to offer the mobile testing service from HealthFair. The Women’s Health Initiative Mobile Breast Imaging Tour is the first initiative under Operation Goodwill Northwest, a joint effort with Ford Fund and area Ford and Lincoln dealers designed to expand Ford’s engagement with local communities in the region, especially in the areas of community life, education and teen driving safety.

      “We are committed to helping meet the growing community needs in this region,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “Ford Motor Company has been investing in our communities for decades, and we plan to expand our community engagement efforts in the Northwest.”

      The initiative also brought the Ford Driving Skills for Life program to 15 high schools in Washington and Oregon this winter and spring. The program included hands-on training modules with professional drivers, school assemblies and Web-based resources all aimed at combating the inexperience that leads to the No. 1 killer of teens – traffic crashes.

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