In this week’s programme we look at the popularity of an ineffective way of dealing with mosquitos, using ultrasound signals from mobile phone apps and radio broadcasts. Malaria researchers are concerned people may believe such devices can protect them from being bitten by mosquitos. A radio advertisement promoting the insect repelling benefits of ultrasound recently won an award. However – there is no scientific evidence to support this, research shows the opposite, that ultrasound does not deter insects.

      We follow an MSF campaign in Congo Brazzaville to treat remote communities who suffer from the syphilis-like disease YAWS. Eradicated from much of the world by the use of simple antibiotics, the disease persists in remote places where access to medical treatment is scarce.

      And we ask why feeling guilt might be a good quality for leaders. According to new research people who feel guilt are not only more likely to emerge as leaders, but also be better managers.