• True Mobile Ultrasounds

    Our professional sonographers will travel to physicians’ offices, clinics, professional facilities, nursing homes, retirement communities or just about anywhere services are needed.

    We offer excellent patient care and satisfaction with the convenience of scanning at their bedside. We strive to better serve patients, to improve the health care experience.

    True Mobile Ultrasounds
Millennium Diagnostic Imaging Service, MDIS, is a mobile ultrasound service not only helping you and your patients, but the world as well by going green and volunteering worldwide!

Millennium Diagnostic Imaging Service (MDIS) is a professionally owned and operated mobile ultrasound company. We offer leading edge ultrasound imaging for physicians, clinics and hospitals. We are accredited and we are recognized for our high standards of medical ultrasound imaging and professionalism. Web and Mobile based reports puts us on the forefront of ultrasound technology

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We provide a service that enables you to schedule and perform echocardiograms, vascular and general ultrasound tests in your office, clinic or outpatient facility for superior patient satisfaction and practice success. Our solution is to come to you in order to provide fast, convenient and professional diagnostic ultrasound imaging. Our service is designed to accommadate your office’s busy schedule.

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When running my practice, I have to worry about a thousand different details. One thing I never have to worry about is MDIS. When I leave a room to do a procedure, MDIS is always ready to go-like clockwork.  Reliable, expert, state of the art -MDIS  is one thing I NEVER have to worry about.–DR. ANDREW SISKIND (IRVINE, CA)

The screening detected a 90% blockage in the cartoid artery on the left side of my neck. I scheduled to see my doctor immediately, who confirmed the finding. I certainly would recommend any friend or relative to have the Heart Healthy screenings done by you. Thank you for your professionalism and accurate results!–Peter C. (Dana Point, CA)

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